Order via phone at 211 015 3588

How will I know I make cocktails?

Each cocktail kit includes the recipe, which is so easy that you can to fix it even though we know how to boil an egg.


Need bartending knowledge to fix the cocktails?

No need bartending knowledge is sufficient to follow your recipe and heart.


How early should I order Cocktail Kit I want?

You can order to Coktail Kit up 90 minutes earlier and come to your door by Express Delivery service. But because we live in Athens, may be a delay in the following cases: drizzle, Champions League, Eurovision ...


Can I return the product I ordered?

No, return product (Cocktail Kit, Cocktail Jar) is not possible, as this species consumption.


If you forget something in my order or I want to change a cocktail, you must cancel and do new?

Contact us to make the necessary changes.


How and when can I cancel my order?

As regards Cocktail Kits, the cancellation request is made by telephone and at least two hours before the time set for delivery. As regards Cocktail Jars, cancellation of orders must be made one day before the agreed delivery day.


What is Express Delivery Service and how much does it cost?

This delivery of your order on the same day, within 90 minutes from the time you order it, at a cost of 12 euros.


Need to purchase any additional hardware for the preparation of cocktails?

No, what you need is included in the kit.


Need to purchase some extra accessories for the preparation of cocktails?

No, unless you choose packaging Bag Refill, which normally does not contain accessory.


If the list is not my favorite cocktail, you nevertheless to prepare a cocktail kit?

If the necessary materials for the synthesis of cocktail you want is available, we can prepare the appropriate cocktail kit, but unfortunately not deliver it the same day.


Can I have my own unique cocktail kit, with my own recipe inspiration?

Yes, only on special order and charge for the synthesis of new prescription.


What if I want a cocktail kit for more or fewer servings?

Can you tell us by phone or email what you need and, if possible, we will prepare the cocktail kit in quantity servings you want, with the corresponding variation in the price.


Becomes the Cocktail Kit that I contain other alcohol brand than you use?

Yes, only on request. You may, however, be different charges apply.


Can I collect my order from the physical store DrinkWorks?

Of course. Saves and shipping costs! But it will be our updates by telephone in advance to order.


Becomes order mission abroad?

Individual shipments are made in the trucking company (UPS). Before proceeding with the acceptance of the order and its mission in a country outside the EU, you should confirm that there are no restrictions from that country as regards the importation of alcoholic beverages.


The Cocktail Jars is to contain my own cocktail of choice?

Yes! However, there is no charge if you give us the recipe.


The Cocktail Jars are available in other sizes?

Yes! However, different charge due to a change in the amount of alcohol required.


The Cocktail Jars can bring my own logo, message, etc .?

Yes! We can design and implement the jars almost everything we ask for a surcharge.


For Cocktail Jars required presence bartender or waiter?

Definitely not need bartender, why Cocktail Jars come ready in your area predetermined day and time. However, in order to better serve your guests, we can ensure your waiter (surcharge).


You must return your license the Cocktail Jars?

No, the jars are left to you, the reuse or recycle. But if you insist on our back, just the empty our brings ensures discount on your next purchase.


What is the Gift Card?

This is a prepaid voucher of 20, 50 or 100 euros, you can offer to your friends and choose the ones their gift.

How secure are my transactions?

To ensure the protection of your personal data, DrinkWorks using failover technology in Paypal. All transactions made through DrinkWorks.gr governed by the International and European law that regulates issues relating to electronic commerce as well as the Consumer Protection Law (Law. 2251/1994), which regulates matters concerning remote sales.


How secure is my data?

The personal data anywhere on the pages and services of the website www.drinkworks.gr intended solely to ensure the operation of the service and may not be used by anyone without complying with the provisions of Law. 2472/97 on the protection of processing of personal data, as in force each time.