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Inside Drinkworks

We share all the secrets of mixing.

All of our products are designed so that their preparation is easy for people who love cocktails but are not professionals. The range of options we recommend includes the most popular flavors. At the same time, we offer less common recipes to our more experienced customers.


We work with respect for the environment.

From our first packages to date, the choice of materials is determined by the reusability of the raw materials and the recyclability of the contents. All boxes are made from recycled paper, while we accept the return of any glass containers that may be included in our packages.


We think differently and create something new every time. 

What we offer is not yet another cocktail catering service: We eliminate the costs and the need for setting up a bar. Alternatively, we make it possible for new sites in the city to accommodate events that are out of the ordinary. The cocktail kits and jars have been used to equip beach and terrace parties, spontaneous office celebrations, bachelor parties in flats and sailboats.


Inspired locally and operate worldwide.

We live in Athens and we get inspired by the people and the companies around us, by professional mixologists and by those who love to always be trying something new. We design, package and distribute products and services from our headquarters in Halandri, developing synergies with local businesses. We are a 100% Greek company, extroverted and innovative, taking its first steps in the international market.


We are founding members and partners.

We are Athina, Apostolos, Eleni, Orestes, Ntoya, Nadia, Stelios, in random order and in love with what we do.